Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I view the results of my inspections? 

You can now get your inspection results as early as the next day following your inspection by logging on to the Maitland On-line Permitting website and viewing your permit from either your dashboard or by searching for your permit number.  Once you select your permit, you will click on the “Inspections” tab. Click on the specific inspection and the result of the inspection will appear under Inspection Status. To view comments of the inspection, you will need to click on the “checklist” button.

2. How can I research what building permits have been approved for a specific property?

You can now find the permit history for any property in Maitland by searching an address, or by using our online mapping tool.

3. How can I see the City's review comments on my permit application?

You can now review permit review comments by logging on to the Maitland On-line Permitting website and viewing your permit.  Once you select your permit, click on the “Reviews” tab and click on the reviewer to view their comments.  Reviewer’s comments passed will appear green and reviewer’s comments not passed will appear red.




Building Permits

Q.  Which web browser should I use to navigate the Maitland Online Permitting website?

A.  The Google Chrome web browser will provide the best experience with our online interface.  Certain functions are not currently available on Internet Explorer.


Q. How do I know my permit application is sufficient?

A. You can check your permit status online. If your status is “Complete”, your permit application has passed the sufficiency review. If your permit application fails sufficiency, you will receive an email from explaining what is needed for a complete application.

Q. Where do I can I find supplemental documents, such as, checklists, affidavits and notice of commencement?

A. You can find our supplemental documents and other important information to be submitted with your application here.

Q. How do I know if my contractor information is up to date?

A. Contractor licensing information will soon be available through the Maitland Online Permitting Website.  Until such time, you can e-mail our staff at and inquire about contractor information.


Q. Does the City still accept hard copy (paper) submittals?

A. Yes. However, hard copy submittals must be accompanied by a digital copy via "thumb drive".  More information can be found on our Building Safety and Permitting page.

Q. How can I track the progress of my permit? I submitted my permit last week, why hasn’t review finished?

A. We attempt to review permits in order and as quickly as possible. However, some building permits may take up to 30 days, after sufficiency review is completed, to review. 

Q. Why can’t I see my permit in my dashboard?

A.  Please ensure you are listed as a contact on the permit in questions and have registered with our Maitland Online Permitting website. Certain permit information is only accessible to contacts registered on the permit.  The original applicant can add you as a contact to the permit once a register account has been created.


Q.  How do I get my documents (e.g. certificates, inspection card, etc) for my project?

A. Once documents are available online, you will receive an e-mail from

Q. What is the printer icon in my permit?

A. The printer icon grants access to the permit card to be printed. The permit card is made available to permit holders after permit issuance

Q. Why don’t I see my invoice for my permit?

A. If you were not selected as the billing agent or if you were added as a contact after the composition of the invoice, you will need to notify our team to add you to the invoice.


Q.  How can I pay my permit invoice?

A.  We accept payment through our Maitland Online Permitting website and in person. We no longer accept payment over the phone.


Q. How do I request/schedule an inspection?

A. Inspections call be scheduled one of two ways; through our  Maitland Online Permitting website or by e-mailing us at  E-mail requests must include your permit number, address and the type of inspection requested.  In addition, if there is a gate/access code needed for the inspector to enter the property, please include that information in your e-mail.

Q. How do I find out the timing of my inspection?

A. While the Building Division makes every attempt to work with our customers, residents and contractor's schedules, due to the volume, location and unpredictable length required for some inspections, we can no longer guaranty an arrival window.  We continue to maintain next day inspections for building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing inspections.

Q. Why can’t I schedule an inspection online?

A. If you are having troubler scheduling an inspection online, please e-mail us at

Q. How do I cancel a requested/scheduled inspection?

A. Inspections call be cancelled using our  Maitland Online Permitting website or by e-mailing us at E-mail cancellations must include your permit number, address and the type of inspection being cancelled.

Q. Who is my inspector?

A. Inspections are scheduled the night before or before 8 a.m. and inspectors assigned may vary.  Your inspector will arrive in either a City of Maitland or Universal Engineering vehicle and will have property identification on them at all time.  Currently, we are unable to provide the inspector's name.

Q. For inspection results, are we to be still emailing them to Building or only putting them into the system?

A. You can find your inspection results at our Maitland Online Permitting website.



 Permit Research

Q. How do I find what has been permitted in my area?

A. The online interface provides two methods to search for building permit in the City of Maitland. You can search by address or use our interactive map. Select the “draw point” tool in the menu to select a parcel and view all associated permits.