Impact Fees

The Impact Fee Schedule is a reference tool to help estimate the cost of development in the City of Maitland. The official amount of fees due to the City will be calculated by staff and conveyed to the developer during the permitting process.  

To expedite this calculation, the City requests that an “Impact Fee Assessment” table is provided on the submitted plan sets for review with the following information: 

Impact Fee Assessment Table
Residential Development
Provide the amount of dwelling units.

Non-Residential Development
Provide the building square footage.

Utility Services
Water Service (Y/N)

Provide the water service size.

Sewer Service (Y/N)

Water and Sewer

Water & Sewer Impact Fees can be found in Chapter 20, Articles II & III of the Maitland City Code last amended by Ordinance 1334 (8/27/2018).

Water Connection Fees
Sewer Connection Fees
SFR or ¾” Service$1,035
Equivalent Resident Unit (ERU)PER ERU
1" Service$2,580Treatment$2,870
1 ½” Service$5,175Transmission$1,175
2"  Service$8,260Total$4,045
3”  Service$15,525You can find your land use type's ERU formula in Section 20-2 (Connection Fees)of the Maitland City Code.  Developers will provide information regarding sewer capacity reservation with their rezoning or site plan review application depending upon their prescribed planning process. 

Note: All fees listed above are subject to adjustments by the Department responsible or by the Developers Agreement.

4”  Service$25,875
6”  Service$51,750
8”  Service$82,800
10”  Service$119,140

Park Impact Fees

Park Impact Fees can be found in Chapter 11, Article III of the Maitland City Code last amended by Ordinance 1183 (6/22/2009)

Dwelling Unit Type
Per Unit Rate


Fire Impact Fee

Fire Impact Fees can be found in Chapter 6, Article IV of the Maitland City Code last amended by Ordinance 1307 (6/27/2016) 

Land Use CategoryImpact Fee Rate
Residential (per dwelling unit)
One & two family homes$389.54
Multi-family (over 2 dwelling units)$498.24
Lodging (per square feet)
Commercial (per square feet)
Institutions (per square feet)

Mobility Impact Fee

Mobility Fees can be found in Chapter12, Article VI of the Maitland City Code last amended by Ordinance 1314 (9/26/2016)

Mobility Fee ScheduleCommunity Redevelopment AreaMobility Tiers 1 & 2Mobility Tier 3
Residential (per dwelling unit)
Single-Family Detached$1,574$1,784$2,009
Multi Family$1,100$1,246$1,466
Single Family Attached/Townhome/Condo$961$1,089$1,281
Active Adult/Continuing Care (55+ Age Restricted)$589$667$785
Recreation and Entertainment
Racquet/Tennis Club (per court)$1,749 $1,982 $2,332
Multipurpose Recreational Facility (per acre)
Health/Fitness/Athletic Club (per 1,000 square feet)$4,208
Recreational Community Center (per 1,000 square feet)
Movie Theater per Seat
Institutional (per 1,000 square feet) 
Private School (Pre K-12)$767$869
College / University$2,254
Place of Worship
Place of Worship with School (Pre K-12)
Day Care Center
Office (per 1,000 square feet)
Medical Buildings (per 1,000 square feet) 
Medical/Dental / Veterinary Offices$2,615$2,963$3,486
Nursing Home$1,031$1,169$1,375
Industrial Buildings (per 1,000 square feet) 
Warehousing / Manufacturing / Industrial$702$795$935
General Commercial Retail (per 1,000 square feet)
Neighborhood Retail (less than 10,000 square feet)$2,255$2,556$3,007
Community Retail (10,000 to 100,000 square feet)  $3,380$3,831$4,507
Regional Retail (Greater than 100,000 square feet)  $5,081$5,759$6,775
Sit Down Restaurant$5,524$6,260$7,365
Restaurant with Drive-Thru$14,867$16,849$19,822
Car Sales$4,072$4,615 $5,429 
Tire & Auto Repair$2,003$2,270$2,670
Assisted Living per Bed$390$442$520
Hotel per Room$1,530$1,734$2,040
Bank/Savings with Drive-Thru per Drive-Thru Lane$6,299$7,138$8,398
Convenience Market & Gas per Fuel Position$8,492$9,624$11,322
Quick Lube Vehicle Service per Bay$1,809$2,051$2,412
Freestanding Car Wash per Stall$3,257$3,691$4,342
A copy of the Mobility Assessment Areas Map is available by contacting the Community Development Department at (407) 539-6211.

School Impact Fee

For more information on Orange County Public School Impact Fees and school capacity, please visit the OCPS Facility Planning website.

Dwelling Unit TypeImpact FeeAdministrative FeeTotal

Please note, on March 23, 2021 Orange County adopted an Ordinance, which amends school impact fees and how school impact fee rates are calculated, effective June 27, 2021.  

School Impact Fee effective June 27, 2021 

Dwelling Unity TypeImpact FeeAdministrative FeeTotal
Single-Family (< 2,000 sq. ft.)$8,829$195.75
Single-Family (2,000 - 2,499 sq. ft.)$9,513$195.75
Single-Family (2,500 - 2,999 sq. ft.)$11,402$195.75
Single-Family (3,000 - 3,999 sq. ft.)
Single-Family (4,000 sq. ft. and above)$9,584$195.75
Multi-Family (High Rise)$307$117.63
Multi-Family (Non High Rise)$6,751$117.63