Application Fees

Below is a list of the application fees: (COMING SOON)

Application/Permit TypeFee
Administrative Appeal
Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) Amendment
Final Subdivision Plan Approval
Lot Split
Off-site Shared Parking Agreement
Developer's Agreement
Planned Development
Pre-Application Meeting$0
Preliminary Subdivision Plan
Public Improvement Performance Bond
Right-of-Way Utilization Permit
Sign (Type)
Sign (Temporary)
Site Permit
Site Plan or Permitted Conditional Use
Site Plan Revision
Vegetation Removal Permit
Vested Rights 
Zoning Amendment

Pass-Through Fee

A $5,000 review deposit, payable to the City of Maitland, as specified in Article XVI, Chapter 7.5 (Section 7.5-143) of the City Code is required when submitting an application for development review.  The review deposit is used to reimburse the City for the actual expenses incurred by the City (i.e. reviews by City consultants, City attorney or legal advertising requirements) as a result of the review of the development application. 

A waiver of this requirement may be acceptable under certain conditions as specified in Article XVI, Chapter 7.5, Section 7.5-143 (c) of the City Code. Pass-through fees will be carried forward to other aspects of development review as a project moves through the review cycle, including site permits and inspections. At the conclusion of the development, applicants are reimbursed any remaining balance.

 Applications/petitions where pass through fees apply include: 

  • Comprehensive plan amendment
  • Concurrency determination
  • Construction site permit
  • Development agreement, formulation and review
  • Development of regional impact
  • Final subdivision plat, including any revisions to a previously approved or existing subdivision or plat
  • Permitted conditional use
  • Planned development
  • Preliminary subdivision plat
  • Rezoning (with or without a comprehensive plan amendment)
  • Site plan review
  • Substantial change in any of the above 
  • Other development-related application as determined by the city manager