Step 5: Utilities and Your Business Tax Receipt


Unless your utilities will be handled through the landlord or management company, you will need to establish services for the property. The City of Maitland provides water, sewer, solid waste and recycling. To establish these services you can visit the City's utility page or contact Customer Services at (407) 539-6265. 

Other utility services provided for the property will also need to be established. For example, electric service is provided by Duke Energy and can be contacted by calling (877) 372-8477. Gas service is provided by TECO Peoples Gas


Obtaining a Business Tax Receipt

Obtaining a Business Tax Receipt (BTR) is the next required step in order to open your business to the public. Any person pursuing a trade, business, or vocation must obtain a BTR from both Orange County and the City of Maitland prior to conducting business.  These BTR’s must be renewed every year by September 30th and a business tax must be paid. A BTR must also be obtained if the business will be transferring location or ownership, or if a separate branch location of the same business is opened. The application process will assist you in ensuring that all requirements have been met for your location, including the appropriate zoning for your type of business.

 The following information is required to apply for a Business Tax Receipt: 

  • Application, signed
  • Notarized Residential Affidavit (if applicable)
  • Copy of lease agreement or proof of property ownership
  • Fictitious name registration (if applicable)
  • Federal Tax ID
  • State License information (if applicable)

For an application, contact our Department at (407) 539-6212.  For information regarding an Orange County Business Tax Receipt, contact the Orange County Tax Collector at (407) 836-5650 or visit the website at