Shoreline Enhancement Program

As part of it's Stormwater/Lakes Management Plan, the City of Maitland encourages all lakefront homeowners to participate in its shoreline revegetation program. The City will reimburse qualified homeowners 50% of the cost to purchase and install aquatic plants on their shoreline in Maitland. A maximum one-time reimbursement of $200 per home is being offered at this time. This revegetation program provides a way for you to help your lake become healthier while at the same time beautifying your shoreline with attractive aquatic plants.

Excess Nutrients

Remember, native, shoreline plants are nature's way of preventing erosion and taking up excess nutrients in the lake system. These plants will also provide food and habitat for many beautiful birds and nesting sites for fish!


Please call the Lake Management Coordinator at 407-539-6203 if you have any questions or if you would like a list of aquascaping companies and/or nurseries.

To Qualify for Financial Reimbursement

  • An application must be filed with the City of Maitland Public Works Department prior to planting.
  • This program is entirely dependent upon the availability of City funds.
  • The application must be reviewed and approved by the Lake Management Coordinator.
  • Only one reimbursement per address is allowed.
  • Participating homeowners are responsible for the planting and maintenance of the aquatic plants.
  • The City of Maitland will reimburse the homeowner 30 days after aquatic plants are put in.
  • Please contact the Lake Management Coordinator as to when the plants will be put in to establish a beginning time frame reference.
  • Homeowner or contractor must control turbidity caused by aquatic planting activities on site so as to prevent violations of state water quality standards.
  • Please use the enclosed envelope to store copies of the proper receipts for the purchase of aquatic plants and/or contracted work from a qualified company and submit these receipts to the Lake Management Coordinator.