Forms & Applications

Coming soon - online submittal.

The Maitland Community Development Department will offer the speed and convenience of online development-related applications where you will be able to submit development applications and plans, track the process, search records and make payments. Submittals can be reviewed and approved without the need to mail in paperwork or to visit our offices in City Hall.   We anticipate completing the programming by then end of 2022.

In the meantime, the following forms  are available upon request by calling the Maitland Community Development Department at 407-539-6150 or by emailing our Permit Specialists.

  • Administrative Appeal
  • Annexation Application
  • Comprehensive Development Plan Amendment
  • Final Subdivision Plat Approval Application
  • Lot Split Application
  • Off-site Shared Parking Agreement
  • Petition for Developer’s Agreement
  • Planned Development Application
  • Pre-Application Meeting Request
  • Preliminary Subdivision Plan Application
  • Public Improvement Performance Bond
  • Site Permit Application
  • Site Plan Application
  • Site Plan Revision Application
  • Conditional Use Permit Application
  • Variance Application
  • Vegetation Removal Permit
  • Vested Rights Application
  • Zoning Amendment Application