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Building Safety and Code Compliance
Building Safety Information

Building Safety and Code Compliance consists of Building and Code Enforcement

1776 Independence Lane

2nd Floor (Note: entry from the stairwell is controlled access. Please use elevator.)

Phone: 407-539-6248         Fax: 407-539-6275


Building Safety and Code Compliance is made up of 6 people headed by the Building Official/Chief Code Enforcement Officer.  The Building section is responsible for plans review, permitting, and inspections of all construction projects.  The Code Enforcement section is responsible for the investigation of complaints and correction of violations to City Ordinances.  Along with these responsibilities the Building Safety and Code Compliance Division also provides staff liaisons for the Board of Adjustment and Appeals and works with the staff attorney in bringing code enforcement cases before the Special Magistrate. 

Construction Hours: Construction Activities are allowed between the hours of 7:00am to 9:00pm weekdays only. Working at any other time will require written permission of the Building Official in advance per Maitland City Code Section 10-11-C.

Non-Exclusive Franchise (Dumpster) C&D/Roll-Off Program Information  click here

2015 International Property Maintenance Code: 2015 IPMC

Applicable Codes:

On June 27, 2016 the City of Maitland adopted local amendments to Chapter 1 of the Florida Building Code, for Chapter 1 with amendments in click here:  Local Building Code Chapter 1

On June 27, 2016 the City of Maitland adopted minimum housing code, 2015 IPMC with Maitland admendments, for 2015 IPMC with Maitland amendments click here:  2015 IPMC

Florida Building Code - Building -5th Edition (2014)

Florida Building Code - Existing Building - 5th Edition (2014)

Florida Building Code - Residential - 5th Edition (2014)

Florida Building Code - Mechanical - 5th Edition (2014)

Florida Building Code - Plumbing - 5th Edition (2014)

National Electrical Code 2011

Florida Building Code - Accessibility - 5th Edition (2014)

Florida Building Code - Energy Conservation - 5th Edition (2014

Florida Building Code - Fuel Gas - 5th Edition (2014)
Florida Fire Prevention Code 5th Edition (2014)
NFPA & NFPA 101 (2012) as incorporated into FFPC 5th Edition (2014) and other NFPA codes as referenced
Building Department Inspections:
Call main number at 407-539-6248 to set up inspections before 4:00pm to receive the requested inspection on the next business day., please have permit number, address and type of inspection needed.
We require the project manager or supervisor to call in all inspections including the sub-trades. We do not take inspections called in by sub-contractors unless it is a stand-alone permit.
Inspectors can be called directly between 7:00am - 4:00pm, for inspection questions call Timothy Kettering at 407-448-1882(cell) or Philip Kersey 407-637-7455(cell).
Fire Department Inspections: 
Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinklers, Fire Systems, Fire Suppression Systems or fire water piping and/or hydrants inspections are scheduled by the Building Department, please call 407-539-6248 to set up inspections. Please allow 48 hour advance of needed inspection.

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