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Downtown Development Projects
Files Available for Viewing or DownloadSize (kb)
Boundary & Topographic Survey 255
First Floor Plan 240
Second Floor Plan 169
First Reflected Ceiling Plan 336
Second Reflected Ceiling Plan 295
DD-A5 253
South Elevation 147
DD-A7 241
Geotechnical Engineering Report 1772
Construction Plans-Cover Sheet 1092
Construction Plans- Notes 657
Construction Plans- Existing Conditions- Demo Plan 571
Construction Plans- Site Plan 454
Construction Plans- Site Plan (Offsite Valet Parking) 1451
Construction Plans- Paving, Grading & Drainage Plan 692
Construction Plans- Utility Plan 485
Construction Plans- Construction Details 647
Electrical Site Plan 357
First Floor Power & System Plan 405
First Floor Lighting Plan 352
Second Floor Power & Systems Plan 261
Second Floor Lighting Plan 262
Electrical Riser, Schedules & Details 277
Fire Alarm Legend 182
Fire Alarm System- First Floor Plan 276
Fire Alarm System- Second Floor Plan 229
FP-1 400
FP-2 617
FP-3 786
Existing Landscape Plan 1006
Existing Irrigation Plan 527
Hardscape Plan & Details 734
Landscape Plan 721
Mechanical Specifications 647
Mechanical Specifications (con't) 633
First Floor- Mechanical Demo/ Temporary HVAC Plan 166
Partial First Floor- Mechanical Lobby Area 839
Partial First Floor- Mechanical Theater Kitchen 179
Partial Second Floor- Mechanical Office Area 387
Partial Second Floor- Mechanical Theater Area 326
Overall Floor Plan- Mechanical (all Levels) 181
Schedules 321
Details 371
First Floor Sanitary Plan 437
First Floor Plumbing Plan 486
Grease Interceptor Locations 556
Second Floor & Low Roof Framing Plan 903
Exterior View 1 4246
Exterior View 2 1428
Drainage Calculatios 20241
Potable Water Demand Determination 275
Sanitary Wastewater Demand Determination 293
Traffic Impact Study 918
Materials List 115
Overhead Fire Sprinkler System Hydraulic Calculations 8094
Parking Agreement with Park Maitland School 241
Segmental Wall 356
Owner Authorization Letter 273
Zoning Amendment Application 6459
List of Enzian Documents 58
Transmittal 307

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