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Maitland Boards, Commissions and Committees

Application for Service

Listed below are City Boards and a Commission, which are appointed by the City Council, usually for three-year terms. These Boards are designed to facilitate citizen involvement in the policy-setting process for the City. Appointments are made as needed. Being a member of a City Board requires time, outside study, and dedication to the functions prescribed for each of them. Most times, the only reward is the self knowledge that you are assisting in the very vital and important duties necessary to our City. Those Boards preceded by an asterisk require Financial Disclosure.

If you desire to serve on one of the City's Boards, please fill out the on-line application below. Applications will be on file in the City Clerk's Office for a period of 14 months. In addition, as part of the application process, you are encouraged to contact your City Council members directly to advise them of your desire to serve your community. The contact information for City Council members is available on the City's contact list. For additional information, please contact the City Clerk at 407-539-6219

This Board is established in accordance with the Florida Building Code. Their duties relate to interpretation and enforcement of Building Code standards, and to hear appeals of decisions and interpretations of the Building Official or Fire Official, as applicable. This is a 5-member Board (plus 1 alternate member) that meets only on call. Board members should be composed of individuals with knowledge and experience in technical codes such as: design professionals, contractors, or building industry representatives.

This Board is a quasi-judicial Board established for the purpose of reviewing requests for certain specifically-defined variances from the regulations of each Zoning District as they relate to area, size of structures, yards and open spaces, heights, etc. (They cannot rule on any variance involving the specified use of land.) They are governed by strict adherence to certain criteria as defined within the Zoning Code relating to land hardship. This Board also rules on any appeal of a decision made by the Zoning Official wherein it is alleged the interpretation of the Zoning Code is in error. This is a 5-member Board (plus 1 alternate member) that meets on the fourth Thursday of each month, as needed. The only appeal to their rulings is the Circuit Court.

This is a 5-member Board consisting of City residents that meets on the first Tuesday of each month. The Board's mission is to serve as an informed voice to the City Council on the financial management and policies of the City. The Board provides recommendations to the Council regarding the City's long-term financial plan and financial practices. The Board monitors events and issues that may affect the financial status of the City, and communicates these events and issues to the City Council.

This Board reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council concerning lakes management (weed control, water quality, aquatic recreational sports, and regulations). This is a 7-member Board that meets on the third Wednesday of each month.

This Board advises and assists the City Council in the planning of City parks and recreational facilities and related programs. This is a 7-member Board which meets the first Wednesday of each month.

This Board reviews personnel matters and advises the City Manager and the City Council on recommendations and/or findings as needed. This is a 5-member Board that meets on call.

This Commission is the official Local Planning Agency for the City. They are charged with preparation, recommendations, and updates relative to the City's Comprehensive Development Plan. They also review and make recommendations to the City Council concerning requests for land use changes, zoning changes, permitted conditional uses, planned developments, and proposed subdivisions. This is a 5-member Commission that meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Members of the commission must be committed to outside time and study concerning the Zoning Code and the Subdivision Code.

This Board consists of the Fire Chief and Police Chief; 2 representatives each from the Fire Department and Police Department elected by members of each department; the Mayor or an elected official; and, 2 City residents appointed by the City Council (preferably a banker and a CPA). The Board recommends City Code revisions concerning pension policy matters to the City Council and meets at least once each quarter. The Board retains professional firms for legal, actuarial, custodial, investment management and consultative services.

This is a 6-member Board (plus 1 member of the Planning & Zoning Commission). This Board provides recommendations regarding traffic as a component of the Comprehensive Development Plan; reviews and monitors proposed projects of all applicable, regional, County and local committees and boards impacting the City of Maitland; and provides recommendations for use of the Traffic Impact Fee Fund and transportation improvements for the City. This Board meets on the second Thursday of each month.

City of Maitland Appointment Information Form

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Education Years Completed:
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Work Experience:

Community Involvement:


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How much time (hours) do you anticipate being able to spend on this appointment each month?
Are you a City of Maitland Resident?
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Are you currently serving on a City Board? If yes, explain.
How long have you lived in Central Florida?

Please read carefully and click the signature box to continue
As an applicant for an appointment on a Maitland City Board(s), Commission(s), or Committee(s) with the City of Maitland, I am willing to furnish information for use in determining my qualifications. In this connection, I authorize release of any and all information that may be available concerning me, including information of a confidential or privileged nature.

I hereby release you, the City of Maitland and others from liability or damage which may result from furnishing the information requested.

As a volunteer for the City of Maitland, I understand that I am not eligible for compensation or benefits for services rendered.

In consideration of the permission granted me by the City of Maitland, to participate as a volunteer to and within the City and any and all activities or events related to this volunteer appointment, I the Undersigned for myself, my heirs, assigns and administrators, HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE THE CITY OF MAITLAND AND ITS AGENTS, OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES from all liability to the Undersigned, my heirs, assigns and administrators, of and from all claims and demands, actions and causes of action of any kind (inclusive of claims for personal injuries and property damage), damages, losses and liabilities, costs, expenses and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen damages and consequences thereof, caused by or arising out of my participation in any volunteer appointment, except any workers’ compensation benefits to which the volunteer may be entitled to under Florida Workers’ Compensation law.

I certify and warrant that I am in good physical condition and am able to participate as a volunteer in the agreed upon volunteer appointment and any and all activities or events related to this volunteer appointment, and do agree to do so at my own risk.

I expressly agree and acknowledge that my participation in any above referenced activity or event is as a volunteer and not as an employee of the City of Maitland and that I understand and agree that I shall not accrue nor shall I be entitled to any City employee benefits, wages or other incidents of employment by virtue of this agreement.


This Release and Waiver contains the entire agreement between the Undersigned and the City of Maitland and the terms of this Release and Waiver are contractual and not a mere recital.

I expressly agree that this Release and Waiver is intended to be as broad and as inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Florida, and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall notwithstanding continue in full force and effect.

I freely and voluntarily agree to submit to a drug test as part of my application when required by the City. I further understand that upon commencement of volunteering with the City of Maitland I may be required to submit to a drug test as a result of sustaining a post work injury requiring medical attention beyond the Fire Department’s first aid treatment. I also understand that my refusal to take a requested drug test or my failure to meet the minimum standards set for the screening may result in immediate dismissal.

The following is a list of all drugs for which the City of Maitland will test the volunteer, if tested:
Alcohol; Amphetamines; Cannabinoids; Cocaine; Phencyclidine; Methaqualone; Opiates; Barbiturates; Benzodiazpines; Synthetic narcotics; Methadone and Propoxyphene.

All information is confidential and all results are discussed with the Volunteer prior to any communication with the City.

Effective 08/09/10
Signature: Date:

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